These Terms of Service apply to you as a member, being a member or advertiser at bitionic.com

When registering at bitionic.com, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register and you are not allowed to use bitionic.com services.
"You" and "your" mean that user and visitor that use BitIonic services
"BitIonic" and "we" mean BitIonic.com website's team and the website itself
"consent" means user must know and agree to BitIonic's terms of service
You must maintain the security of your account including but not limited to password and second factor
You consent that if you lost your second factor key, then the your account including but not limited to funds stored inside will not be recoverable
You consent that username and email cannot be changed for any reason after your account is created
We reserve the right to access user's account at any time and for any reason
Your account's information will not be publicized (see Privacy Policy)
You are allowed to refer as many referrals as you like
You are not allowed to create any account to be your own referral
Any kind of Referral Cashback are allowed
You consent that only earnings from PTC Advertisements are subject of commisions
You consent that we may ask additional information about your transactions
You consent that Withdrawal/Transfer are not processed instantly
You consent that we may monitor transactions from your account
Any and all disputes between you and other users of the BitIonic network will not be the responsibility of BitIonic
You consent that you are not allow to advertise/promote any kind of gambling, adult and any other inappropriate content on BitIonic
You consent that you can lose all your credit stored inside an advertisement that violate our rules
You consent that we don't guarantee that all advertisements shown in BitIonic are appropriate for you
We are not responsible for any loss you might have including but not limited to funds and private information stored in BitIonic
You consent that you are using BitIonic services at your own risk
You consent that we don't guarantee that all content shown/found in BitIonic are 100% accurate, thus, any loss it might cause is not our resposibility
You consent that Terms and Privacy Policy of BitIonic are subject to change without any notification beforehand