What is BitIonic?
BitIonic is a multi-functional GPT website that connects users with advertisers giving oppotunities to earn bitcoin and marketing products. BitIonic is also built with wallet system, giving you the lowest-fee when sending and receiving bitcoin across all bitcoin network.
How to earn Bitcoin in BitIonic?
Earning bitcoin in BitIonic is simple. Just register an account, login and go to the Earn Bitcoin section.
Which transfer method should I choose?
If your transaction is more than 1000000 satoshi, then you should choose Direct method.
If your transaction is less than 1000000 satoshi, then you should choose Automatic method.
If your transaction is less than 20000 satoshi, then you should choose the FaucetHub method.
If you are sending to other BitIonic user, then you should use the Internal method.
What can I advertise in BitIonic?
Almost all kind of advertisements are allowed. Advertisement with this criteria are forbidden.
  • Gambling
  • HYIP
  • Adult Content
  • Forced Download
  • Site with more than 1 pop-up
  • Malware/Virus
  • Racism/Hatred
I found a bug in BitIonic. What should I do?
You must report them to us. After a we validate the bug/error you found, you will be rewarded with an amount of bitcoin which will be added to your account balance automatically. Exploiting this bug will cause your account to be banned permanently, including all balance will be forfeited to our system.
What is Ionic in my dashboard?
It is points where you can earn by doing incentives from the "Earn Bitcoin" section other than PTC Advertisements. You can exchange this points for bitcoin from the Ionic Market.